Designing your wedding cake

wedding cakes

If you have a particular wedding theme, you may want to have a themed wedding cake that is more individual to you as a couple. Should a traditional wedding cake be more to your taste, there are still many options available when designing your perfect wedding cake. Whichever type of cake you go for, you could either have a single tier cake or multiple tiers, which is ideal if you're having a number of wedding guests. In addition, tiers can either be mounted above each other, or you could hire a cake stand that holds cakes separate and can look very effective as a centrepiece on the cake table or surrounded by a buffet at an evening reception.

Choosing your wedding cake flavours

wedding cake flavours

Multiple tiered wedding cakes can be baked with different types of cake for each individual layer, and you don't have to go for traditional fruit cake if sponge is your preferred type of cake. You could choose a vanilla sponge which most guests will enjoy, and perhaps have chocolate cake for a different tier, or even a carrot or coffee cake to give guests a choice. Another option is cupcakes, which can be baked in batches offering different flavours or giving all guests the same type of cake. Many couples opt for a small cutting cake too if they have wedding cup cakes so they can get their wedding photo album shots of them cutting the cake.

Finding a wedding cake maker

wedding cake maker

When deciding who will make your wedding cake, you need to be confident you have a quality baker. Perhaps ask for a sample of cake flavours before putting down a deposit for your wedding cake and booking a particular wedding cake maker. Some wedding cake suppliers specialise in specific types of cakes such as cupcakes so this is also worth bearing in mind. The more technical the decorations on your cake are, the more likely you are to need a bigger budget for your wedding cake. Sometimes choosing cake decorations like feathers or flowers can therefore be really effective and cheaper than asking a cake specialist to make flowers or decorations with sugarcraft. Having a few ideas however is always a good plan, so you can work out exactly what you want and how much it will cost you, and whether there are any compromises you'd be willing to make.

Interesting news about wedding cakes

cupcakes robynejay
Wedding Inspires Couple To Start Bakery

Meehan’s Cakery in Chippenham has opened to serve cake to residents and meet the needs of people wanting celebration cakes after Luke Meehan embarked on the task of baking his own wedding cake, and excelled.

rich tea biscuits
Alternative Royal Wedding Cake Ingredients Revealed

Barry Colenso, the former Thorntons master chocolatier, revealed the alternative wedding cake at the Royal Wedding included 1700 rich tea biscuits after the ban on discussing the cake publicly was lifted.

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