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Our subscribers

We provide an online service to companies in the wedding industry and generate leads to our subscriber base from end users visiting and submitting their enquiries for a range of wedding services.

Subscribers select a central location and category that best suits the nature of their wedding business, and are emailed when an enquiry matches your subscription preferences so that you can contact the enquirer at your convenience.

We offer a range of subscriptions that renew on a 6 monthly basis and can cater to your company’s individual needs to provide a measurable alternative to traditional advertising mechanisms such as directories and print media. We can provide bespoke solutions if companies cover multiple wedding categories and locations, and to reward the loyalty of our members, we also have a referral scheme to benefit subscribers who know other wedding suppliers who wish to join.

We want to provide value for money to our members, so have tiered packages depending on which wedding category you fall under. Categories are grouped so we can provide a service that aims to provide a return on investment with your second converted enquiry so that can benefit your business from the start. Basic packages for one category start at £39 plus VAT for 6 months in a tier 1, 10 mile radius package, up to £349 plus VAT for the highest tier of package covering 30 miles around a designated location.

Once a subscriber is activated, they will be eligible to start receiving enquiries and start following up on the leads generated by the site so we can help grow their business and help brides and grooms across the UK plan their wedding.

Cancellation / Refund policy

As soon as a subscriber’s package has gone live, leads are available which means the service has begun. We are therefore unable to offer a refund once the package is live, however if a subscriber decides they no longer wish to be part of, written notification can be provided giving a minimum of 7 days notice that cancellation of the package is required. This will cancel the renewal package and enquiry emails will stop being sent 6 months from the start date of the package. If the notice of termination is not received at least 7 days prior to the end date of the package, the renewal payment will be processed and the package will continue to run for a further 6 month period.

Subscription Amendments

If a subscriber wishes to amend their subscription to at any time, they can contact WeddingIdeas either by phone or email, on 0844 504 2217 or Subscriptions can be amended to include additional locations, categories, or to expand the current area covered to increase the number of leads received. We would then process an additional payment to the value of the additional subscription chosen.